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Renovations and Restoration Specialists

Why is our logo a horse?

We’re not only renovations and restoration specialists, we’re horse enthusiasts too. The horse on our logo has a remarkable resemblance to my son Conor’s prize horse whose name was “CHIEF”. Chief had to be put down about five years ago due to colic which caused a twisted bowel. It was one of the saddest moments in both Conor’s and my own life.

Green Bros Construction renovations and restoration

Chief was the lead horse in the herd and really earned respect from the rest of the horses. He was Conor’s lead horse who walked in the furrow and kept things going forward and straight at the plowing matches. Conor and Chief spent some wonderful days together in the field as Conor grew ever more competent behind the team and Chief grew ever more sturdy in pleasing and protecting his master and his herd.

Chief was, as our logo represents, a flashy and handsome horse whose presence was unmistakable. His good nature and honesty, as well as his role as leader and teacher within his world as chief of his herd, has an uncanny resemblance to our mission within our company. Strangely his role model as leader and chief is quickly becoming our mandate within our industry, as chief set new standards in his field, we take pride in setting new standards within our field which is basically: “to do unto others as we would have others do unto ourselves” which was something that Chief taught both Conor and me by his example in countless situations as we all worked together in our horse logging and farming enterprises. The promise that “OUR TEAM WON’T LEAVE UNTIL YOU’RE HAPPY” originates from the countless lessons we learned working in the field and bush with Chief and Fin, the first team that Conor and I had the priceless experience to witness honest dedication behind harnessed power. Here’s some information on our Percherons.

After 38 years in construction, we’re greener than ever!

That’s because these days, we’re as concerned as our customers are about eliminating excessive waste and using clean, non-polluting materials wherever we can.

When we do renovations and restoration, you will seldom see a big dump bin on one of our work sites. We like to sort the waste and scrap right on the job and see that scrap wood is either reused elsewhere or used as fuel at our workshop. Recyclable materials are sorted and sent to the proper transfer sites or contributed to places like the Re-store.

When I started out in the construction business, I was green in more ways than one! I was a carpenter apprentice and I owned a pickup truck and a few woodworking tools. I quickly learned that in order to make it in the construction/renovation business you need to be not only skilled but accurate — in the work performed and the costs involved — and most of all, sensitive to your clients’ needs. After all, they’re putting one of their most valuable assets in your hands — their home or business premises.

Over the years my business grew because I never lost sight of these principles and I can’t believe it’s been 37 years since I started out!

We do renovations and restoration of all kinds.

Green Bros. has served hundreds of clients on projects ranging from homes and commercial buildings to barns and outbuildings. Town and rural. Century homes to ultra-modern. We take great pride in the work we do and I guarantee — we will never leave a job until our customer is completely satisfied with the work we have done.

We have an expert crew and we own all of our own equipment so there’s seldom a hitch while we wait for a backhoe or dozer. Our relationship with associated trades is top-notch so when we need them, they’re there!

The benefit to you is you get a high-quality result on time and on the budget — and isn’t that what a client should expect from a contractor? Why not let us quote your next renovations and restoration project? Give us a call. 905-342-2453

Our renovations and restorations often include custom stairs. This image leads to more information on our stairs.

We get Creative with Stairs!

We’re experts in

Front Porch Restoration?

Do you know we do

A list of the equipment we own:

  • John Deere 790, 25 Ton Excavator
  • Caterpillar d8 Dozer
  • Bobcat 480 Mini Excavator
  • Bobcat 185 Skidsteer
  • JCB 1400b Rubber Tire Backhoe

Just some of the jobs we can do:

  • Home and office/commercial renovations and new construction from start to finish.
  • Historic restoration on period homes and buildings (we can duplicate classic moldings in our shop).
  • Cabinetry, Flooring, Siding, Roofing (we make our own cedar shingles).
  • All manner of fine carpentry including making period wooden sash windows to match originals.
  • Just about anything you ask for in construction! Give us a call for a quotation.