Old brickwork needs special attention. We know how it’s done.

Most old brickwork is a lot softer than modern brick. If you repoint with today’s mortar, it will eventually cause the old brick to crack and lose its surface. You need to make all the repairs with old style lime mortar.

That’s just one of the things we know about the care and repair of old masonry walls and there’s a lot more to know. That’s why we work with the experts who have had years of experience in building restoration. They, together with our own skilled masons, can assure you that your brickwork will be restored to the best condition possible and will look like it should when the job is done!

We are associated with Paul Goldsmith of Historic Restoration, one of Canada’s foremost experts in masonry restoration. We’ve also learned from attending the yearly seminars conducted by Dr. Gerard Lynch, “The Red Mason” a master mason from the U.K.

Got a building that needs brickwork first-aid? Call us for an evaluation.

These photos show us at work on some historic buildings that really needed our help!


Green Bros Construction historic masonry
Green Bros Construction renovations and restoration

Above: A restored brick wall on 100-year-old school.

At left: The rear wall was in danger of collapse. We carefully rebuilt whole sections.

Below: This 150 year old brick storefront needed brickwork inside and out!

Green Bros Construction historic masonry