Here’s what to expect when you work with
Green Brothers:

If you’ve never hired a contractor before, or even if you have,
it pays to know what to expect.

We’ve been in business for 37 years and we’ve learned the ropes by working with hundreds of people on hundreds of jobs of all sizes and complexities. We consider ourselves professional in every respect, that is, not only are we good at what we do, we’re VERY good! We have the procedures in place to make sure there are no nasty surprises for our customers — and for us.

We use a computerized estimating system that takes into account every detail of the project. So before we even start, we have extensive talks with you or your designer to be sure we understand exactly what you want as an end result. We’re good listeners, so before long, we really understand what you’re looking for and that means we can provide an estimate that is accurate and can be relied on.

But remember, an estimate is an estimate NOT a quotation, but with our years of experience, our estimates can almost always be relied on. That said tho, in construction, the unforeseen can often crop up — open a wall and find mould or rot; dig a trench and unearth a drain that was unknown — so many things can suddenly change a plan. We will not proceed on anything you have not signed on for without your approval — we’ll tell you in writing, exactly what cost increment (if any) is involved. You will always know the cost before we do the work. We believe the best surprise is NO surprise!

If you wish to alter a plan or add an extra, while the job is in progress, the same applies: we will not proceed with the alteration to plan until you know the cost and have approved it.

When we present our initial estimate and you have approved it, we will expect a payment of 10% in order for the work to get started. We will then issue progress billings at stated intervals until the work is complete. Your final payment is made only after you are 100% satisfied with the work. As we like to say, “Our team doesn’t leave ’til you’re happy!”

We’ll let you know when we can start your work and once we start, the project will progress steadily, we don’t show up for a day and then disappear for weeks leaving you in a mess. And speaking of “mess”, our clients like the way we clean up after a days work — every day!

And finally, we guarantee our work 100%—ask us about this.

Green Bros Construction renovations and restoration

This front porch was getting a bit rickety. It’s been restored to what it looked like when the house was new over a hundred years ago.

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