What it’s like to work with a green contractor:

Don’t get us wrong—when we say “green” we mean environmentally responsible not lack of experience!

The reason you seldom see big dump bins on our project is simple, we conserve materials that can be recycled and reused. We hate to see things that still have years of use left in them consigned to landfill. On our farm, north of Cobourg, we have the space to sort out and stockpile used lumber and materials that will be just fine used elsewhere. If they don’t make the grade, they become fuel to heat our wood shop.

Here’s an award-winning environmental building project we were involved in some year’s back.

We’re also loggers and we raise horses. This means every winter, we can go into our woodlot and harvest trees that are ready to be sawn into lumber in our sawmill. We have access to solid, first growth wood that makes a big difference in the final results.

Need moldings, or trying to match the originals? We can run them in our wood shop—we don’t like using the finger-jointed stuff they sell at the local yard!

We’re conscious of your health concerns. Many people today are allergic to the formaldehyde used in some particle and wafer board. We source materials that are friendly to your indoor environment, besides, we wouldn’t use particle board anyways!

We bend over backward to make sure we cause the least amount of disruption to you and your family while we are working on your project. We make sure the job site is kept safe and orderly. We clean up every day before we leave. If we’re not going to be on the job site the next day (usually because we’re pre-building a component in our wood shop), we’ll let you know. But most of all—we never consider a project completed until our client is 100% happy with the work we’ve done. Just see our testimonials for proof!

Our renovations and restoration work includes additions. This photo links to examples of our work.

The client wanted an addition that would respect the design of the existing house and that’s exactly what they got!

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